Takeoffs and Landings

Working remotely as I do, is something that I love. I really dig the flexibility and how well we work as a team even though the team is spilt between different countries. It’s awesome to get the chance to actually physically be with the folk you work with though, especially when you are all part of a team that are passionate about the product you are all working on.

Tomorrow morning I’ll wander along to the Crew Collective & Cafe, home of Unsplash HQ, which you may recall I visited last year just as it was opening. I’m really looking forward to see how it’s looking, and to grabbing and early lunch with the team before we head off for the hour or so drive to stay here at the Laurentians, Quebec.

This is a super short post today, it’s only 7.40pm here, but it’s just dawned on that that means it’s 12.40am back at home and I’ve been awake for ages! The tired wave strikes zzzzz

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